A list of UFO reports shows a pattern of strange things hovering above the Hudson Valley.

The National UFO Reporting Center keeps a public record of unexplained events that have been witnessed in the skies. The Hudson Valley was very active last year, logging 11 sightings from January through December of 2018.

Here's a listing of the UFO sightings that were reported in our area. Did you witness any of these strange events?

1/12/18 - A sphere of light was spotted above the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie just before 4pm. The sighting lasted for one minute.

2/2/18 - At 4:45 a fast-moving oval object was spotted over Pawling.

3/24/18 - A strange, flickering light was seen in the sky early during the early morning hours in Bloomingburg.

6/8/18 - Over 90 minutes several orange, oval objects floated across the sky over Hudson. The objects appeared in the North and slowly followed each other about a minute apart.

6/16/18 - A formation of orange objects were spotted in the night sky over White Plains

9/15/18 - A glowing, firey bright light was seen above the horizon in Middletown,

9/16/18 - More glowing, fireballs were seen slowly moving across the sky in Middletown

11/12/18 - Some sort of aircraft was seen over Woodstock. It was not an airplane because it did not have any flashing lights.

11/30/18 - A large, dark aircraft was seen floating above I-84 below New Paltz

12/7/18 - A blue star-like object over Westtown appeared behind an airplane and followed it from behind before disappearing.

12/26/18 - A large disc was seen over I-84 in Fishkill with yellow and red blinking lights rotating around its center.