Rosendale just may be one of the coolest little towns in the Hudson Valley. It's close to New Paltz, close to Kingston, and it's a real community-minded town. Where else can you go to a pickle festival every year? Not to mention the awesome Rosendale Street Festival.

And now it's time for the Rosendale Mermaid Parade. And it's for a great cause: to raise funds for the Town Pool - and other causes in the future.  The parade is this Sunday, June 28 from 1-2pm in the parking lot by the Rosendale Farmer's Market behind the bell tower church on Main Street.

The Rosendale Improvement Band will lead the parade. Amy Trompetter of the Red Wing Blackbird Theater will be making giant puppets for the parade.  Leave it to Rosendale to come up with such a fun idea to raise funds.  For more information, visit the parade's Facebook event page.

Mario Tama/Getty Images