The Boris and Robyn Show will be taking a break next week, and we will be returning on Tuesday Feb. 21.  But do not worry, we have no intentions of just leaving you high and dry.  All next week it is The Meat Sandwich Takeover.

We are putting the show in the capable and talented hands of our producer Meat Sandwich. He is a pretty smart guy, and we are sure that he will keep you entertained all week.  I know that, if nothing else, he is planning on having Matt from Beer World in for another Beer of the Week. Plus, up to the minute traffic reports with Nancy Reamy, news with Bobby Welber, and some very cool prizes.

Boris and I will miss you while we are off, but we know we are leaving you in good hands. In fact, you might even like The Meat Sandwich Takeover better than The Boris and Robyn Show.  But I hope not.  Have a good week, and we will talk to you on Feb. 21.

Meat Sandwich/Facebook
Meat Sandwich/Facebook