I must admit that I had kind of a lazy summer. I really didn’t do a whole lot of anything, and to be truthful, that’s just fine with me. One thing I did do, and have done every summer for years, is to go to yard sales. Even though there is nothing I need, I still love to go to a good yard sale. You never know when you’ll spot a treasure that you didn’t know you needed but now love. Or maybe even get a great buy on something worth way more than they’re asking.

This weekend will be a treasure hunter’s dream come true at Stormville Airport. It’s the Hudson Valley’s biggest yard sale, and it’s happening right here in Dutchess County. Head to the Stormville Airport at 428 Route 216 between 9 AM - 3 PM this Saturday, Sept. 17 for Stormville Airport’s Ultimate Family Yard Sale. There will be over 300 families selling housewares, clothing, tools, books, baby items, sporting goods and so much more.

Pretty soon we’ll be saying goodbye to yard and garage sales until next year, so this is a great way to close out the yard sale season. And if you’ve been meaning to get to a few yard sales this year, but for some reason didn’t get to, this is the perfect chance to check out the equivalent of a few hundred yard sales, all in one place and on one day. How cool is that?

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The Stormville Airport Ultimate Family Yard Sale is this Saturday from 9AM - 3PM, rain or shine. Admission and parking are free, and there will be plenty of food vendors on hand if you get hungry. Fall will officially be here before you know it, and we’ll be trading in yard sale-ing for apple and pumpkin picking. So, let’s enjoy it while we can, and the best way to enjoy it is by heading to Stormville this Saturday.

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