January has been a fairly quiet month in the Hudson Valley, but that all might change according to meteorologists.

February is traditionally one of the coldest and snowiest months, and forecasters are predicting that the weather will be unsettled across much of Hudson Valley and eastern United States.

The big question will be whether or not it will be cold enough for snow. That will determine whether we'll be seeing a rain storm or potential blizzard.

One forecaster from AccuWeather says that the coastal areas could see more rain while the inland parts of the Northeast will see snow.

Of course, we started off this week calling for more of a rainy mix across the region, but the colder than expected temperatures lead to a heavy mixture of snow and sleet.

Basically, there's no sure way to call the weather forecast, so take it all with a grain of salt.  Long term forecasts were calling for a cold and snowy winter across the Hudson Valley and northeast, and so far it's been mild.

Still, it's winter in New York state, so there's always plenty of surprises to be expected.