Okay....I'll admit it, and you might not agree, but...I'm all for regifting.  I don't mean giving people used or outdated gifts.  I'm talking about great gifts that you know you can't use. And I won't be offended if I give you a gift, and you give it to some one who would like it more.  First of all, it's nice to know that somebody will be using it, and second of all, you save time and money...and that is a gift in itself.  So if my gift to you ends up being saved stress and money, I'm good with that.  As far as receiving a regift?  Fine by me.  If it's something I like and can use, it's even better.  People get so offended these days...not me.  I think regifting is a great way to get the right gift to the right person.  But you might not want to give a gift back to the person that gave it to you...although, if that happened in my circle of friends, we'd probably all get a good laugh.  What about you?  For or against regifting?