The next six weeks are going should be a real treat for skywatchers and astronomy buffs.

Viewers will be greeted by three separate sets of meteor showers from now through November. IFL Science reports that that the Draconids, Orionids, and Leonids will be seen vin the Northern Hemisphere from right after sunset till about midnight.

The Draconoids will peak Friday. The meteor shower, which is named after the Draco constellation, are the debris left over by a comet known as Giaconi-Zinner, which orbits the Sun every six and half years.

Here's a really cool YouTube video of last year's Draconid Meteor shower taken in the Inyo National Forest in California.

The Orionids are actually the fragments of the most famous comet, Halley's, and will peak around October 21. They can be seen clearly in both hemispheres.

The Leonids will peak around November 17.

The forecast calls for sunny skies in the Hudson Valley Friday, during the day. There could be clouds moving in around sundown though, which could hinder any viewing.