This Sunday on the WPDH Album of the Week, we'll feature the twelfth and final studio album from The Beatles, Let It Be.

Released on May 8, 1970, approximately one month after the group broke up. Keeping suit with every other album released by The Beatles, the album topped the charts in multiple countries. The critical response, however, was not favorable.

The album was recorded for the most part between January of 1969 and April of 1970, with the exception of Across the Universe, which was recorded in February of 1968. The album produced three singles, Get Back, Let It Be, and The Long Winding Road / For You Blue.

Let It Be went four times Platinum in the United States and received multiple other platinum statuses in other countries. The album reached number one in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK among others.

There have been multiple reissues along the years, all of which have made their presence on the charts.  The Beatles won the Academy Award for the Best Original Song Score in 1970 for the songs in the Film of the same name.

The tracklisting for Let It Be:

Side One:

  1. Two of Us
  2. Dig a Pony
  3. Across the Universe
  4. I Me Mine
  5. Dig It
  6. Let It Be
  7. Maggie Mae

Side Two:

  1. I've Got a Feeling
  2. One After 909
  3. The Long and Winding Road
  4. For You Blue
  5. Get Back

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