There's a certain satisfaction that comes along with fixing something around the house, but, let's be honest, there's a lot that goes into achieving that satisfaction.

The other day while I was showering I noticed that the shower was draining a little slow, so I figured it was time to clean out the drain. Having three women in my household, and me being moderately hairy, there's a lot of hair going down that drain regularly. I decided to clean out the drain, and I definitely made the problem worse before I made it better.

I took the drain cover off and of course was presented with a nice ball of hair, which I quickly pulled out and was hoping that was the only problem, but it was not. The tub was still not draining properly, so I went with my fail-safe method and busted out the plunger, and starting plunging my way to unclogging my drain. I managed to get the water down and thought that I had solved my clogging problem. My wife showered and when she was done the tub was half full of water. Obviously, we still had a clogging issue.

For starters, I had to get the water out of the tub. Luckily, I have a 60-gallon fish tank and decided to take advantage of my vacuum cleaning device to suck the water out of the tub and into the sink with very little effort. While the water was being siphoned out, I went to old faithful also known as the plunger and started very aggressively plunging the drain. Before I knew it I saw a whirlpool start to form at the drain and I knew I had cleared the drain.

I've dealt with this many times throughout my life, but this was definitely the most difficult drain to clear. Either way, I still get the satisfaction of clearing the drain and get to feel like I'm a superior handyman.

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