The Thanksgiving meal is great and all, but I'm am all about those leftovers.

We are just about a week away from the day where we give thanks and put on our stretchy pants in order to stuff as much food in our faces. Of course, I'm talking about Thanksgiving!

A day filled with treats, delicious meals, and tons of pies topped with whipped cream, or ice cream, whatever floats your boat. We wait and wait until we get word that the food is ready. We're filled with so much excitement, we don't even look up from our plates and just shovel the food in our mouths like we're clearer snow off the sidewalk.

Fifteen minutes later, we're moaning and groaning from stomach pain, because we ate enough food to take down a small elephant, but we're not done! Bring on dessert! Then more stomach pain, before we finally fall asleep on the couch while trying to watch football.

I'm going to say something, and feel free to prove me wrong. Thanksgiving leftovers are far superior to the actual meal. There I said it. It's a ritual the day after Thanksgiving. Nevermind all that Black Friday shopping nonsense, gimme those leftovers! Oh, I can't wait to make that amazing sandwich.

I include everything on that sandwich, spreading cranberry sauce on one side of the bread, mayo on the other. Add the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and gravy. I do occasionally heat up the stuffing, gravy, and potatoes, but it depends on my mood. Mmmm, I'm drooling already.

I would take that leftover sandwich nine out of ten times over sitting down to the actual meal.

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