Pumpkin spice pizza has made its way to one Hudson Valley restaurant for a limited time and we got the first taste.

After being pleasantly surprised by pumpkin spice hot dogs we're up for just about anything. So why not pumpkin spice pizza?

Dave "Souperman" Dubord has started selling pumpkin spice pies at Angela's Pizzeria in Lake Katrine. According to Dubord, the limited-release pie is the result of experimentation and imagination. At first glance you might mistake this for a normal pizza. But upon further inspection you'll notice that the pizza sauce isn't actually pizza sauce. It's pumpkin pie filling. The pumpkin is topped with cheese, candied pecans and a crust that's baked with cinnamon sugar.

Has the pumpkin spice craze officially gone too far? Before you judge, you might be surprised by what real people actually said after eating this crazy concoction for the very first time.

If you'd like to try a pumpkin spice pizza for yourself, you'll have to head up to Angela's Pizzeria in Lake Katrine.  It's available for order by the pie or by the slice for a limited time only. A full pie can be made on demand, but be sure to call ahead if you just want a slice because they're only available on a rotating basis.

Bonus Video - Pumpkin Spice Hot Dogs: