Like we really needed this.

In the ongoing battle between the fast food chains to release the most ridiculous food combinations, Taco Bell has taken a step up (or maybe down).

The NY Daily News says that the fast food giant is trying out its new Firecracker Burrito in four California locations through August 16. Now, you can order their new Pop Rocks-like candy called Cayenne Popping Crystals that you can pour all over your burrito.

So, what are they? They're basically spicier version of the exploding candy you may have enjoyed as a kid. Why? Who knows?

Here's an Instagram pic of their new creation. Yeah, it looks kind of gross.

Usually, if these things do well in the test markets then the chain will start offering them across the country. For only, $1.49 they're certainly cheap. But would you actually eat on of these?