He's grabbing the meat! Retail theft continues to be a growing problem, and store employees are often left feeling helpless as thousands of dollars worth of goods get taken every day. One hungry suspect was caught by the New York Post making off with ten steaks from a popular grocery store in New York Tuesday morning. When asked why he was stealing all that food, the suspect said he was homeless and planned on eating all the steak. Does he really have that big of an appetite, or is he planning on reselling the meat to another vendor?

I’m gonna eat it,” the man says in the video. “I’m f****g hungry.

The suspect can be seen nonchalantly strolling out of the store while carrying all the meat. It almost appears that he may have made off with more steak than he could handle though, as Trader Joe's employees were able to make him leave behind a shopping basket he tried to swipe. Unfortunately, the same store employees told the Post that they're instructed not to do anything else, and thereby just let the thieves go.

We get in trouble if we do anything … It don’t bother me, I’ve been working here for two years, I see it happen every day.

The suspect then steals a bag from a street sweeper to hold that excess meat. The NYPD says they have been to the store and are investigating the matter.

Back in December, a man got his head somehow caught in an escalator at a Trader Joe's in New York. Witnesses told NBC NY that the man slipped while going up an escalator at a Trader Joe's store on 72nd Street and Broadway. There aren't too many other details of what they exactly mean by "getting his stuck in an escalator", but it certainly conjures up quite a few mental imagines and scenarios. The man was said to have suffered minor injuries but was conscious and alert when being transported to the hospital.

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