Friday was the first day Sullivan County began vaccinating residents over 65 years-old of age. The county was able to administer 165 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Sullivan County Public Health, through January 27, will utilize all 800 does that have been sent so far to public health.  Public Health Director Nancy McGraw said:

Per State requirements, we set aside 200 of those 800 doses for police officers, firefighters, and teachers, all of whom are considered essential workers. The State also directed that we use the remaining 600 doses for our population older than 65. Registration for that is closed, as appointments filled up within two hours of the announcement.

There is a limited supply of the vaccination and county officials are not sure when the next shipment will arrive. The sign-up form and other vaccine information can be found on the Sullivan County website.

Sullivan County COVID-19 Vaccinations

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