We understand some people really hate spiders, but this is ridiculous.

Mlive.com is reporting that an individual, who apparently doesn't understand what 911 is for, called the number April 5 for a most unusual reason.

So exactly happened here? Had someone in the home become ill? Was someone trying to break in?


According to Mlive.com, the Evart, Michigan resident needed help killing a spider. You think they overreacted a bit, or is the hatred of the nasty creatures justified?

Of course, while the caller seemed quite concerned about the unwanted eight-legged visitor, though local police sternly informed the worried resident that disposing of arachnids is not an emergency matter that warrants calling the 911 service.

The person was even told that further misuses of 911 could warrant fines or even arrest. You think they'd be willing to go to jail if it was far enough away from the big scary spider?

According to Mlive.com, the spider was never found and possibly remains on the loose.