Village of New Paltz residents are expressing concerns after a number of thefts over the past few days as plants, and the pots that they were planted in, have been stolen from private residences and apartment/condo complexes.

Posts began popping up in the New Paltz Community Forum moderated Facebook group last week, with residents sharing photos and concerns about plants being stolen from their property.  Many of the plants hold sentimental value and personal connections to their owners, as shared in the groups comments.

Grisha Ye, a New Paltz resident in the area of Church Street in the village, had a large ficus plant stolen from their property.  In going to the Facebook community forum to ask for assistance in locating the plant, Grisha found that similar things have been happening to many other residents of New Paltz.

We got a little ficus plant several years ago at a plant sale, and for many years we would nourish and take care of it. The ficus grew to be really tall, healthy, beautiful and even grew babies. Every morning we would wake up, it would bring joy to the whole family especially to my mother. On Friday July 16th, I remember locking the door for the night around 1 A.M., all the plants including the two beautiful ficuses were outside by the door like usual. The next morning, when my mother got up to go to work around 7 A.M. she discovered that our favorite ficus plant was missing, and was nowhere in sight. Somebody had gone up two flights of stairs, to our front door, and snatched the big plant.

G. Ye

Ana Lynn also shared that her daughter had a small potted tree taken from her stoop in the Huguenot Street area of town last week, while her daughter was away for a few days.


Another resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, explained that they returned home from being out of town and noticed that a pot was taken from their property in the Orchard Heights community of Church Street.  The plant itself was removed and dumped on the grass and just the pot was stolen.

Others have shared similar experiences with the plants being dumped out and just the pottery missing.  Many of the people impacted by the thefts have contacted the New Paltz Police Department to file reports.  Some indicated they would be bringing their plants inside, while others shared they would be investing in cameras.

Request for comment from NPPD was not responded to.

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