The Hudson Valley isn't the only part of the region that's endured severe weather over the past week. The storms also battered the Niagara Falls area. The weather got so bad there that it even pushed loose a massive ship, that's been marooned on the rocks for over one hundred years. How did this happen?

The video of the iron scow being dislodged from the rocks in the upper rapids has made national news. NBC says the story goes all the way back to August 6, 1918, when the dumping scow came loose from its tow in Canada's Niagara River. The scow broke off about a mile from Horseshoe Falls, and then ended up drifting near the border of Ontario and New York state, according to NBC.

Niagara Parks says there were two men on board, who instinctively opened the bottom doors of the boat to flood parts of the ship so it wouldn't keep drifting over the falls. The men were rescued the next day, though the giant ship would remain stuck on the rocks until Halloween 2019. Some thought it would remain there indefinitely.

Heavy winds and rain moved the boat, which has rusted and deteriorated over the past 101 years, around 164 feet before it became lodged again. Who knows how long it will be stuck in its new location?

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