We know hard cider is al the rage, but this is taking it way too far.

A Maine sheriff's department said that 19-year-old Nicole Dyment stole an Angry Orchard Hard Cider truck, led police on a 13-mile chase and then crashed the truck into the side of a barn.

The Portland Press Herald says that Dyment was allegedly drunk and high on heroin when she stole the vehicle in front of a 7-Eleven in Portland, Maine Tuesday morning. A witness said they saw the cider truck weaving and going onto the shoulder as it passed a school in Waterboro.

Deputy Shawn Sanborn saw the truck pass several cars in a no-passing zone. The ensuing chase reached speeds of 65 miles per hour before the young woman lost control and crashed into the barn, spilling many cases of alcohol.

Dyment was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for injuries she suffered in the crash. Once she was released from the hospital, deputies charged Dyment with drunken driving, driving to endanger, failure to stop for a police officer and driving without a license.

She is being held in the York County jail on $50,000 bail

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