I've never wanted to be an apple so badly.

How in the world did we miss this? And by we I mean me. I'm sure it was super secretive, but still, I wouldn't mind running into Zac Efron in the Hudson Valley.

Since we're all still basically in quarantine, we're still binge-watching everything that is put out on our streaming services. July has been a good month so far for binge-watching. Hamilton made it's way to Disney + and Netflix released the Zac Efron food & travel show Down to Earth.

When I tell you I'm an OG Zac Efron fan I'm serious. For reference, I've been a fan since his appearance on CSI Miami in 2005.

I digress.

Down to Earth follows Efron as he and his friend Darin Olien travel the world and explore awesome destinations while learning about the culture and foods of where they are visiting.

In episode 5 they head to Lima, Peru, but they make a pit stop first. The episode focuses on Biodiversity so they visit a popular apple orchard in the Hudson Valley.

You guessed it, they visit Angry Orchard in Walden.

Zac and Darin meet up with Angry Orchards head cider maker Ryan Burke to talk, what else, apples.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but Zac does NOT take off his shirt at any point during his trip to Angry Orchard. A true travesty.

In all seriousness, it's an interesting episode. Burke is super knowledgable when it comes to apples. They break down the health benefits of apples and also the history. Did you know that apples didn't originate in North America?  I know I sure didn't.

Zac said he'd come back to enjoy Angry Orchard apples again, so I'm asking if he does so: someone please let a girl know.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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