There’s no doubt that the Hudson Valley is rich with rock and roll history, especially in the Woodstock area of Ulster County. Stars from Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix to David Bowie have called Woodstock home at one time or another. One of Woodstock’s favorite bands through the decades is The Band. In fact, Levon Helm’s Barn, famous for its Midnight Rambles, still has concerts, keeping Levon’s legacy alive. 

Bob Dylan and The Band recorded the historical Basement Tapes album in the Woodstock area. In a house in West Saugerties that became known as “Big Pink”. In the basement of that very house, hence the title of the album. You might recall The Band’s first album Music From Big Pink. Yup, that Big Pink. The house is even on the album cover. And my point is, now you can actually stay at Big Pink. I came across the listing on a vacation rental website, and man is it a cool house. Check out the photos.

Stay in a Hudson Valley House Where Rock and Roll History Was Made

The Band's Big Pink Is Now a Vacation Rental. Check it Out

How awesome would it be to sit where Bob Dylan sat? Be in a room that inspired a great song? Sleep where musical icons slept? Pretty awesome, I think. Want to find out more? Visit the website and start planning your next getaway.

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