When I was growing up in New Windsor in the 1970s, there was one cool town in Orange County that we loved to hang out in. When we had out of town guests, especially when I was in my upper teens and 20s, we’d always head to Sugar Loaf. Sugar Loaf was an awesome town with cool shops and restaurants. And a hippie vibe, which was so me.

I can still remember the giant General Store as you approach town. We’d always stop there and stock up. The town was full of artists and their goods, there were candle shops, handmade jewelry shops, used record stores and a restaurant that made awesome burger among other things.

Eventually I moved to Dutchess County, and Sugar Loaf became quite the ride. But, I’ve been back a few times, and it’s still a very cool town. I have also been to a few of Sugar Loaf’s festivals, and they rock. This year, Sugar Loaf is celebrating Spring with a 2 day festival on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday May 15 from 10AM - 6PM. And it looks like a great one. 

Local shops will be showing their new Spring merchandise and longtime favorite goods, both handmade and hand-selected, streets will be lined with visiting artists and makers, a mix of cultural and local cuisine will be offered from established eateries in Sugar Loaf and pop-up food and craft beverage vendors, and lots of live music and entertainment.

If you’re looking for a fun way to welcome Spring, head to the Spring Festival in Sugar Loaf. It’s one of the coolest towns in Orange County and it’s known for it’s great festivals. Sounds like a plan.

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