A Hudson Valley landmark that's been welcoming sports fans for six decades is now up for sale.

Whether it's watching the game on Sunday, playing a round of darts or just getting together with friends, there's nothing like the neighborhood sports bar. Sadly, streaming services, the fear of DWI and competition from chain restaurants have shuttered several locally-owned sports bars over the past few years and it appears one more is now up for sale.


The Last Sports Bar in Uptown Kingston, New York

The last remaining neighborhood sports bar in Uptown Kingston dates all the way back to 1968. Chic's went into business in 1968 before Art & Bev Daley moved the bar into the Kingston Plaza in the 1980s. Referred to by some as the "pub in the plaza", Chic's has been the place to be for all of the biggest sporting events for over 40 years.

Aside from football, basketball, NASCAR and baseball, Chic's regularly hosts dart and pool tournaments as well as dance parties and karaoke nights. The family-friendly bar and restaurant also serves up a menu of wings, burgers and their famous soup of the day.


Chic's in Kingston, New York For Sale

According to an online listing, Chic's is selling its business in the Kingston Plaza. The sale includes all of the business' equipment and furnishings. The asking price is $250,000, but the owners would also be responsible for a monthly rent of $3,700 and fees of $1,000.

Those who are interested in purchasing the local landmark and keeping Chic's legacy alive in Kingston can see the full listing on Loopnet.

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