Spring and summer are upon us, so it is time to think about getting outside. That's why we are going to hook you up with tickets to this weekend's Northeast Outdoor Sports Show at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. Make sure you are listening all this week at 7:45 am for the details.

Of course that is not all that's going on this week on The Boris and Robyn Show. This and every Tuesday is Ticked Off Tuesday, so start thinking about what's bugging you this week. Then share it with us on Tuesday. Plus we'll have a new beer of the week, a cool Boris and Robyn t-shirt for our listener of the day, and attorney Jonna Spilbor with legal advice on Thursday.

As always, we'll have up to the minute traffic reports with Nancy Reamy, news with Bobby Welber, rock news, the stoner report, trending stories and more. I’m looking forward to spending the week with you. Thanks for listening!