If you thought it was summer-like here in the Hudson Valley Tuesday, others parts of the state to the west reached even higher temperatures. The Observer Today reports that Buffalo and Rochester reached record high temperatures of 92 and 93 degrees respectively. Buffalo's high temperature breaks a record that stood for 76 years. 

In Syracuse, it was very hot out as well. Highs Tuesday soared to 93 degrees, breaking a record from 2010 and 2011.Elmira reached 92. In Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, high temperatures reached the low to mid 80s by comparison. But we'd take this over three feet of snow, wouldn't we?

This is stark contrast to just a few weeks ago, when areas around the Mid-Hudson region actually reported snow in the middle of May. Of course, all the warm weather probably makes it much more difficult to enforce any sort of social distancing rules, as crowds flock to the parks and trails. This could also be a problem for those who don't have air conditioning, and need somewhere to go.

Temperatures should hold steady until later in the week when showers and thunderstorms are expected to cool things off slightly.

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