A significant winter storm is headed our way, and it may drop a good amount of snow in some areas.

According to The National Weather Service, the Hudson Valley is expected to see snow, sleet and other hazardous precipitation on Tuesday. The storm, which will likely impact most of our listening area, will start early Tuesday morning with light snowfall and then start up again on Tuesday afternoon.

In total, the region should expect to see 3-7 inches of snow by Wednesday morning, with precipitation changing over to sleet in some areas before the whole storm ends early Wednesday.

Experts warn that the combination of snow and sleet will make for some dangerous road conditions, especially during the Tuesday afternoon commute. Depending on the timing of the storm, it may be difficult for crews to keep up with the snow. If you remember, an early November storm rocked the Hudson Valley this year causing serious delays and shut down roads. Crews were unable to keep up with the snow as it started falling right before the afternoon rush hour.

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