Another snowstorm expected to cause school delays and closings is headed to the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley has finally recovered from the monster storm that hit the Hudson Valley on January 7. Now, another snowstorm threatens to force us to get the shovels back out again.

The snowstorm earlier this month brought over a foot of snow to much of the Hudson Valley area. The huge blanket of snow was the first time the region has had to deal with significant snowfall in quite some time. Plows, snowblowers and shovels were dragged out of storage and finally put to use in what had so far been a pretty mild winter season.


Timeline For This Week's Snowstorm

The Hudson Valley is expected to start seeing snow as early as Monday afternoon. The snow will start light and pick up steam overnight into Tuesday morning. Monday evening could bring up to an inch of snow in the higher elevations and areas to the north.

Tuesday morning, however, is when the significant snowfall is mostly expected. Precipitation could start as early as 4am, with snow accumulating on roadways through 11am. The storm is expected to end by noon.

The Weather Channel calls for anywhere from one to three inches of snow throughout most of the Hudson Valley. Northern areas and higher elevations could see up to five inches of snow.


Snow Expected to Impact Schools

Hudson Valley schoolchildren have the possibility of seeing a four-day weekend. Kids already off from school on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day could awake on Tuesday to at least a delay.

Because of the storm's timing, schools will likely opt to keep busses off of the roads to allow plows to clear away the snow. Whether the storm moves out quickly enough to allow school to start on a delay will be something many parents will be watching closely.

For the latest snow closing information, be sure to download our free app. Our storm center will have a complete list of delays and closings for all Hudson Valley schools, businesses and organizations updated throughout the storm.

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