If you we work in any part of the city, or maybe were planning on spending a day in Manhattan...you might not have much longer have a smoke while walking the sidewalks.

However, you'll still be able to stand on the sidewalk in the same spot and light up. So what's going on?

PIX 11 says that Councilman Petter Koo introduced the bill under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Apparently, Mr. Koo feels that a lot of non-smokers, especially children, get stuck walking behind someone having a light while blowing smoke behind them into their faces.

I've seen too many mothers with strollers, and parents holding hands with their children, walking behind smokers who are blowing clouds of smoke behind them.

It's getting tougher and tougher to smoke in New York City. It's already banned in city bars, restaurants, stores, arenas, and parks. Now, if the Councilman has his way, smokers will have to stay in spot on the sidewalks when they take a drag.

Of course, this could cause some crowding issues in a city with absolutely no space as it is. No truth to the rumors that city lawmakers are planning on banning walking while chewing bubble gum...yet.