It’s always nice when we get to share good news, especially when it has to do with lost animals here in the Hudson Valley.

This tale (the tale of ‘Orange Tail’) is a sweet one resulting in the reunion of a well-known deli cat who has been missing over the past several weeks.

Who Are The 'On the Hill’ At East Fishkill Provisions?

Any true Hudson Valley-er is familiar with the East Fishkill Provisions (or Smoke Haus) brand, and their two locations in the area.

Frequent customers of the Route 52 Smoke Haus location may also be familiar with the deli cats that can be found greeting those who stop by for a sandwich or snack. The current cats, Orange Tail and Scar are part of the second generation of cats that the staff at Provisions have raised ‘On the Hill.’

East Fishkill Provisions
East Fishkill Provisions

One of our owners, Markella, has been raising this crew for almost eight years. With one litter prior to these guys, she’s been a cat momma for at least ten years. Out kitty crew all started when Markella and some of her deli team found a box of kittens, and now we are raising what we all consider a staple of our deli on the hill

The two resident On The Hill cats, Orange Tail and Scar, are loved and cared for, and see the vet when necessary, they have been fixed and according to the team at Provisions, are the ‘unofficial deli greeters.’

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Orange Tail Deli Cat Goes Missing in East Fishkill, June 24th

On June 24th, Orange Tail, one of the On The Hill deli cats, went missing from the grounds, Provisions shared a photo on their social media accounts asking for the public’s help in bringing her home.

East Fishkill Provisions

She wears a collar that reads “Smoke Haus Cat Please call 845-221-9195. She’s tabby stripped with and orange tip tail, has a clipped ear and weighs about 10 pounds. She’s part of the Smokehaus family and belongs here.

Their post and photos were shared hundreds of times, and locals had been reporting sightings in the area which were followed up on.

On Thursday July 13th, East Fishkill Provisions posted a photo of Orange Tail with the happy update that she was back home after a long almost three-week adventure. They thanked the more than 300 people who shared the post, ‘and an even bigger thank you to all of you that reached out with info on possible sightings and let us come to your houses looking for her.’

They went on to thank East Fishkill Police Department’s Ralph Bertoldi for spotting Orange Tail, safely catching her, and bringing her home.

East Fishkill Provisions
East Fishkill Provisions

‘You’ll be seeing her waiting on the window to greet you all.’

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