A 22-year-old singer from Warwick, NY blew the judges away on The Voice.

This week Denisha Dalton belted out a rendition of the song Pillowtalk by Zayn that not only turned heads but also turned the chairs of three judges on The Voice.

During an emotional performance, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and John Legend all turned their chairs, inviting the singer on their team. After the song, Dalton talked to each as they tried to persuade her to select them as a mentor for the next stage of the competition.

While Dalton is from Warwick, she and her family recently moved to Texas before appearing on the NBC reality series. Kelly Clarkson tried to use that Lone Star State connection to get the singer to choose her. She applauded Dalton for a performance that she said was "full of sass" but was also sultry.

Next, Blake Shelton offered up the last spot on his team. Dalton said that this actually wasn't the first time they met. She was actually backstage at one of his concerts. Unfortunately, she wasn't there to see him, but Usher who was also performing that night.

Nick Jonas, the only judge not to turn around for Dalton, still praised her performance, saying that she had a tough decision to make.

Ultimately, the Orange County singer decided on John Legend as her coach. The singer told Dalton that even before he turned around he could feel her unique style. The Warwick native earned the final spot on Legend's team thanks to what he called her "infectious smile."

Dalton isn't the only local singer making her mark on TV this season. This week New Paltz High School sophomore, Laila Mach has advanced through Duet Week on American Idol. You can watch the rest of Dalton's journey on The Voice airing Monday nights on NBC.

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