This Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons" included a few jabs directed at the Indian Point nuclear plant.

In the opening scene from the episode titled "Caper Chase" the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is shown playing in an intramural softball game against the plant located in the lower Hudson Valley.

During the game the Springfield employees are shown drinking beer as they prepare to take on Indian Point, who's workers are all depicted as New York City types yelling things like "Fugettabout It" in a stereotypical Brooklyn accent.

Simpsons character, Lenny, says "Those Indian Point nuclear jerks, they think they're great because their fallout radius includes Manhattan." To which one of the Indian Point workers responds "How many Mets games can you postpone?"

Later on, Mr. Burns is shown sitting with the owner of the Indian Point plant. We know he's the owner because he's wearing a shirt that says "owner" and smoking a fat cigar. The unnamed businessman asks Mr. Burns if he feels like they're watching the very last generation of "nuke men." He explains that no one wants to go into the "dirty business" of nuclear energy anymore.

In January a plan was revealed that would shut down Indian Point by 2021