If you pick up a hardcover copy of Sleeping Beauties at a local bookstore you might find a surprise inside.

Stephen King's latest novel is a collaboration with his youngest son, Owen. The novel tells a story about a not-so-distant future where all the women of the world fall asleep and wind up covered in a cocoon. While in this dream like state, they are transported to a Utopian world of peace and harmony. If awoken, however, they become violent an dangerous to the men left by themselves.

In a recent interview, Stephen King was asked where he gets the ideas for his books. He joked that there's a "little used idea shop in New Paltz" where he finds them.

As frequent visitors of the Hudson Valley, the King family are regularly spotted in the area. Owen King recently stopped by the Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie to sign copies of Sleeping Beauties. Some of those signed copies are still on the shelves and can be found right in the aisle. You can check for Owen King's signature on the first page of the book, with some of them even including an original doodle by the author.

Barnes and Noble is located on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie across from Starbucks.