Residents have noticed something odd near the back entrance of the Orange County store.

Montgomery is one of my favorite towns in the Hudson Valley. It's adorable, has great shops and it reminds me of a town that you'd find on the Hallmark Channel (except way less annoying).

There was a period of time where I was spending a lot of time in Montgomery and I would frequently go to the ShopRite there. Everyone there was always very nice, it was a good spot and it was always an enjoyable experience shopping there.

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Recently, a post went viral in a local Facebook group and it was warning residents about something going on at the ShopRite. What exactly is going on at the ShopRite in Montgomery?

Foxes near the ShopRite in Montgomery:

According to a Hudson Valley resident in a local Facebook group, she put out a warning and asked residents to be careful when driving out of the ShopRite in Montgomery because of foxes. She went on to say how foxes are becoming more active this time of year and how she almost witnessed one get hit the other day.

H Malley/Living in Montgomery, Maybrook, Walden NY Facebook Group/Canva
H Malley/Living in Montgomery, Maybrook, Walden NY Facebook Group/Canva

She also mentioned that this warning is for the back entrance of the store where Hoeffners Farm is.

More important fox information:

Foxes tend to mate between December and February and the weather can influence where that happens. Heads up, when all of mating is going on it can be very, very loud...ick.

If do your shopping at the ShopRite in Montgomery or plan on doing mindful of the foxes and just as a good rule in general, slow down.

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