Businesses say they need workers. Some have resorted to desperate measures in recent months just to hire additional help. But if that's the case, why are some places not hiring anyone to help those who are still left working? We've heard some of the horror stories of employees having to work long hours and consecutive shifts with no breaks, and sometimes have to do it all in deplorable conditions. These employees feel that they're not only understaffed, but underappreciated as well.

One staff at a fast food restaurant had had enough. And they even took the time to write a goodbye note to would-be customers as they walked off their shifts. Stories like these are becoming more en more common across the nation. This note was posted on the restaurant's drive-thru speaker for everyone to read. It almost reminds you of a scene out of the movie Half Baked.

A reporter from WHAS said that part of the note read "there’s a rat infestation, that they aren't paid enough, and that there are health code violations." The Clark County (IN) Health Department told the affiliate that they would investigate the claims, though they said they've had previous issues with this particular restaurant. The department didn't go into any further details what those previous problems were about, but it will be interesting to see what transpires from all this.

You may remember this story from back in September? One Walmart employee had had it and decided to announce their fond farewell over the store's loudspeakers for all to hear. They even posted their memorable resignation over social media for everyone to enjoy, though, of course, this may just hinder their future job search. See the video HERE. She goes on to question the attendance policy, while saying that she and other employees are mistreated by management and customers every day. She even says her bosses tell her and other workers that the can all be replaced if they don't like it. Wow, if this was true then that doesn't sound like a nice place to work.

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