Alice at The Palace. That's the prize this week on The Boris and Robyn Show, so you'll definitely want to tune in for your chance to win. It's a Paranormal Evening With Alice Cooper at The Palace Theater in Albany on Oct. 4, and we'll be giving away tickets all this week at 7:45 am.

Alice Cooper has been touring consistently for years, and it's never a disappointment. No doubt this show at The Palace in Albany will be no exception. Alice still has it. And with Halloween on the way, it's a fitting prize. And, as always, we'll also have a Boris and Robyn t-shirt for our listener of the day.The prizes are cool, but that's not all that's going on this week.

We have celebrity chef Johnny Ciao coming in to cook for us, attorney Jonna Spilbor with legal advice on Thursday, plus up to the minute traffic reports with Nancy reamy, news with Bobby Welber, rock news, the stoner report, and lots of other good stuff. Thanks for listening!