Have you ever been to a show at The Barn in Woodstock?  Also known as Levon Helm Studios.  Yes, the Levon Helm from The Band.  I thought everybody knew about The Barn, but I guess I was wrong.  So I would like to help spread the word.

You have just got to go to The Barn for a show.  It's local, full of history, and every show is great.  November is the perfect time to get there, because during November the folks at The Barn are collecting toys for their program Joys for Tots.  All the toys are given to local children.  And The barn has some great shows coming in November, including Eric Redd and Tracey Bonham.

So, if you want to experience a great night, and it is an experience, and help bring joy to a child, check out a show at Levon Helm's Barn in Woodstock in November.  For more information and a full schedule of shows, visit the website at http://www.levonhelm.com/index1.htm

Levon Helm In Concert
Rob Loud /Getty Images