A conference being held by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was unexpectedly interrupted when a woman shouting vulgarities burst into the room Wednesday.

The NY Post says the conference, which was being held in Albany in front of a police station, was interrupted when an unnamed woman wearing a Yankees jacket and stocking cap let loose on the Governor.

Cuomo was addressing the arrest of a New York Daily News reporter who was caught using his cellphone in the lobby the NY State Capitol. Use of cellphones are strictly forbidden in the chamber.

The meeting became even more bizarre when the woman burst on to the scene and accused the office of ignoring her sexual harassment complaints. She then focused her ire on Cuomo

Yeah, you’re not doing nothing here, you punk ass! You’re not doing a motherf**king s*** either! I got proof!!!

Cuomo never really reacted and continued like she wasn't there. As police dragged her off she accused the administration of corruption while flinging a handful of papers at the Governor.

Some may call her crazy...or maybe she's really on to something?