The circus is coming!

The Royal Hanneford Circus is an American-based touring family circus with origins dating back to 1690 where entertainement included with horseback riding, acrobatics, and juggling. Its been called "the oldest circus in the world". The family first performed as a traveling troupe in 1807. In 1903, the family began its own circus as the "Hanneford Royal Canadian Circus" and in their early seasons toured the British Isles and Continental Europe. The family performed separately throughout much of the early 20th century in the United States. The modern Royal Hanneford Circus was formed in 1965, when Tommy Hanneford began producing shows featuring the family.

Carrying on the Hanneford tradition, The Royal Hanneford Circus is stepping into the new age of the circus in America. With years of experience, Producers Adrian Poema and Nellie Hanneford Poema, along with their four talented children – Catherine, Mariana, Adrian Jr., and Tommy, are focusing on bringing forth a fresh and new, wholesome family entertainment.

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The circus has always been a fun and entertaining event for the entire family, and its always exciting when it comes to town. The Royal Hanneford Circus has been coming to the Hudson Valley area for as long as I can remember, entertaining the masses, and its back for 3 days and 6 shows in February!

Royal Hanneford Circus Returning to Poughkeepsie

The Royal Hanneford Circus returns to MJN Convention Center the weekend of Feb. 23 through 25 presented by Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law with all new acts and surprises. Tickets are on sale now through the MJN Convention Center box office. Get more info here.

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