Motorists should be aware that a large stretch of Route 9 will be temporarily closed on Monday.

With a three-day weekend ahead of us, many Hudson Valley residents will be planning day trips and getaways for the holiday. If you plan to travel to Dutchess County on Monday, you should be aware that a portion of Route 9 will be inaccessible to cars and trucks for a few hours.

Luckily, the closure will be happening in an area that can be easily detoured unless you need to directly access a home or business that is on Route 9.

Road closed sign in Downtown Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The Hyde Park Independence Day Parade will shut down both northbound and southbound traffic on Route 9 from the Roosevelt Cinemas all the way up to Main Street for several hours. Businesses on Route 9 in Hyde Park will be inaccessible to motorists during this time. The parade is scheduled to step off at 10:00 am but expect the road to close before that.

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While many locals may be aware that the annual parade is taking place, those traveling from other areas in the Hudson Valley, or the many new residents who've moved to the area over the past year most likely have no idea that Route 9 will be shut down.

Those who need to travel through the area should take Route 9G, which runs parallel to Route 9 in Hyde Park. As in previous years, you should expect lots of delays on Route 9 and 9G in the surrounding areas during the parade and for an extended period of time afterward, as crowds leave the area.

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