Robyn Taylor's cat helped us test out an Internet craze that has pet owners trying to trap their animals in masking tape boxes.

Yesterday we shared some videos and photos of cats being “trapped” inside boxes drawn on the floor. The Internet challenge was started by some cat owners who found out that their pets were drawn to rectangles.

To conduct the experiment, just outline a square or rectangle on your floor using some sort of colored tape. The theory is that cats can’t resist jumping inside the square.

After asking our listeners to try it out we found that about half of the cats jumped into the squares while the other half wanted nothing to do with the challenge. So to find out once and for all if this crazy theory works we asked local radio celebrity, Robyn Taylor, to try it on her cats.

Robyn got out the masking tape, fired up a borrowed iPhone and pointed it at Munchkin and Noodles. Here's what happened.