An Internet craze has cat lovers baffled.

You may have seen videos and photos of cats being "trapped" inside boxes drawn on the floor and wondered if it really works.

The experiment is pretty simple. Just outline a square or rectangle on your floor using some sort of colored tape. The theory is that cats can't resist jumping inside the square.

We're not sure why this works, but many cat lovers swears the experiment is for real While I've never tried this with tape, I do know that our cat couldn't help but jump into cardboard boxes whenever they were sitting around, so maybe this sort of the same thing.

We asked our listeners to give it a try this morning and the results were mixed.

Nicole sent us the photo above of her cat happily sitting inside the tape square. A similar photo was shared by Tammy of her cat Raven who's drawn to the square place mats on her dining room table.

Facebook/Tammy Richter-Vanetten
Facebook/Tammy Richter-Vanetten

Videos from other listeners, however, were less than conclusive.

We'd love to know if your cat can fall for the invisible box trick or not. Upload your photos or videos to us through the free WPDH app or on our Facebook page and we'll share your scientific results.