Only a few days after footage of Jon Bon Jovi singing "Livin' on a Prayer" at a wedding became a viral sensation, his former partner is seen doing the same. You can watch Richie Sambora, who co-wrote the smash Bon Jovi hit, belting it out above.

The video comes courtesy of TMZ, who say that it was taken at the wedding of Sambora's nephew Shane Ahern. Sambora, who is sharing a microphone with his new bandmate Orianthi, reportedly did not bring the 12-string guitar to the wedding, but it was supplied by the DJ. It is unknown when this footage was taken.

The guitarist, who officially parted ways with his band in late 2014, is clearly more into it than Bon Jovi. The look of obvious discomfort on Jon's face at having his song sung back to him brought to mind a classic Saturday Night Live sketch in which the late, great Jan Hooks, as one-half of the lounge act the Sweeney Sisters, over-emoted the closing notes of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" inches away from Paul Simon's face.

Sambora and Orianthi are currently working on an album of duets. Although Sambora originally described their sound as "Sonny and Cher on steroids," six weeks ago Orianthi revealed there's a country feel to the songs. "The great thing about country songs is the storytelling," she said. "They’re really moving and well-crafted, and that’s something Richie and I wanted to explore.” The record, which is being produced by Bob Rock, does not yet have a release date or a title.

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