Two favorite Hudson Valley stores that have long closed down may be making a triumphant return this year.

When asked which former Hudson Valley stores you'd like to see come back, Toys R' Us and the old Disney Store always seem to top the list. Toys 'R Us went bankrupt in 2018 and shuttered all of its Hudson Valley locations in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Middletown and Woodbury. Since then there've been rumors of a return but nothing has materialized... until now.

Similarly, the Disney Store used to have locations at several malls in and around the Hudson Valley. The stores were elaborately decorated and themed, giving customers the full Disney experience that was similar to actually being in Disney World. Those stores are now just a memory, as the last Hudson Valley location at Woodbury Common announced that it will be finally shutting its doors.

Disney Store Celebrates Opening Of Newly Designed Store
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But just when we thought we've seen the last of those two beloved retail stores, it appears that the Hudson Valley will once again be able to shop at both Toys 'R us and The Disney Store right here in our area.

Macy's announced that it was going to open Toys 'R Us stores inside 400 of their stores by next year. That's more than half of the department store chain's 726 locations. While there's been no official list of stores yet, this bodes well for one of those Toys 'R Us locations to be situated in either Poughkeepsie, Middletown or both locations.

Beleaguered Toys R Us Battles For Survival
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As for The Disney Store, an announcement was just made that they have partnered with Target to bring an entire Disney Store experience to locations all over the country. The stores will have approximately 750 square feet dedicated to Disney merchandise, displays and even movie showings. Music and interactive elements will be incorporated into these sections of Target, making customers feel like they've entered an entirely different store.

The Disney stores will be rolled out to 160 locations by the end of the year. Although no specific stores have been mentioned to receive the Disney treatment, it's expected that at least one will be located in the Hudson Valley.

Are you looking forward to shopping at Toys 'R Us and The Disney Store again? Let us know what you're going to love most about having these brands back on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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