Maybe being stuck indoors for so long isn't so good? If you had Alien Invasion for your September scorecard, then you may have been on to something. But it appears that the National UFO Reporting Center is reporting that sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects has risen 51 percent this year, as compared to this time in 2019.

The NY Post says that 20 percent of this year's sightings happened in April, which was during the middle of the lockdown, and the worst of the coronavirus here in New York.

According to the Database, California leads the nation in sightings in 2020 with 10,017. That's followed by Florida (5,599), Washington (4140), and Texas (3703). New York ranked fifth, with 3632 reports of UFO-related events this year.

As we always say, many of these reports can be explained with some more down to Earth answers. People are home more, so they are going to think they notice things more often? To top if off, we are amid a major pandemic, so anxiety is running high. Your imagination can start to mess with you.

Then, there's the standard explanations. Perhaps they are commercial or military aircraft? A star in the night sky? Spotlights or other lights emanating from someone's property? Or maybe another drug lab exploded?

According to the database, the most recent sighting in New York was August 23 in Staten Island, when a "disk shape" object appeared. On August 15, a "fireball" was reported over East Durham in Greene County. On August 9, lights were reported over Marlboro, "moving in deep space along a trajectory, not meteors or satellites." 

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