If you see this creature on the beach do not touch it. This creepy looking pile of goo is a potentially deadly animal.

A very rare sighting of a Portuguese Man O' War happened this week on the Jersey Shore. The creature, which is usually mistaken for a jellyfish, is actually made up of a colony of organisms that work together as one animal.

The Man O' War can pack a powerful sting, sending its victims to the hospital or even causing death. If the toxins from one of their incredibly long stingers reaches lymph nodes or lungs, it could be fatal.

This Man O' War washed up on at Beach Haven on Long Beach Island on July 26, 2017. Here's what the scene looked like as lifeguards stepped in to handle the situation.

Lifeguards say that warm waters can sometimes bring these tropical creatures to the Jersey Shore. The Man O' War was carefully removed and the beach was not closed to swimmers.