What's going on with this empty spot in Dutchess County?

One day I'm going to make a big gallery all about the empty spots and buildings I pass during my drive home in the Hudson Valley. It seems like there are a lot more empty spaces lately and I wonder if people are a little apprehensive about opening up a business because of the times.

However, if you're up for the challenge there are a ton of possibilities that could happen and someone could bring something really cool to the area, maybe something we don't have.

I'd love to see something cool come to this empty spot.

I am and was a big fan of IHOP (I think there are a lot of fans too who just don't admit it). There was an IHOP in Poughkeepsie on 2250 South Road in the Post Road Plaza, but sadly it closed down and we have to get our pancake fix somewhere else. I happen to drive by the building a lot and it's just kinda sitting there...

Seriously, how many cars do you think past the old IHOP on a daily basis?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

What should go into the empty IHOP building in Poughkeepsie?

Short answer is a lot of things. This building is in a great location, a ton of traffic goes by it and it's very easy to access. People get a little touchy about certain companies so lets keep it general:

Back to the question of what should go there:

  • a coffee shop
  • a fast food restaurant (you probably know the ones I'm thinking of)
  • a floral shop
  • a bridal store
  • a hair salon
  • a retail store
  • a nail salon

It's always a shame to see space just going to waste.

Have more ideas? More suggestions? Any idea of what's happening in the building?

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