Back in early April, we shared that the parking lot on Parker Avenue in Poughkeepsie near the Walkway Over the Hudson was no longer usable due to a new construction project.

We now have answers as to what the abandoned buildings at 58 Park Avenue are turning into.

Free Parking in Poughkeepsie

In 2020, Scenic Hudson acquired the abandoned building at 58 Parker Avenue as well as the empty lot across the street, 55 Parker Avenue, that many in the community used for free parking when visiting the Walkway Over the Hudson.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The lot at 55 Parker Avenue is now being used by construction crews as they begin working on the next big Poughkeepsie project. While construction is going on, alternative free parking can be found at Pulaski Park as well as on Brookside Avenue between Washington Street and Garden Street.

Scenic Hudson shared information with us regarding this new construction project in Poughkeepsie.

Northside Hub Project in Poughkeepsie

Crews are currently working on the new Northside Hub project. Scenic Hudson shares that this new hub is being created at 58 Parker Avenue to establish a more sustainable, carbon-neutral community space in Poughkeepsie.

58 Parker Avenue has sat as a vacant, former factory for 20 years. This new project aims to create a "Thriving, Inclusive Tomorrow," according to NorthsideConnected.

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The project, expected to be completed by the Spring or Summer of 2025, will include offices for Scenic Hudson. That's only one small piece of the project though. The bigger focus is on creating community resources. The building will host a variety of programs to support the community and engage youths in, "cultivate[ing] skilled workers, locally-grown food, and more."

Below is a rendering of what the renovated building may look like:

MASS Design
MASS Design

Scenic Hudson also plans to make the area more pedestrian-friendly with more bike and pedestrian access to trails and parks as well as incorporating more shared spaces like an auditorium and open area for visitors and the community to enjoy.

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The lot at 55 Parker Avenue will be used for Northside Hub parking during the week and during special Northside Hub events. On weekends, it will continue to be open for the public to use but will get some new upgrades.

Lot 55 will soon feature solar canopies that will aid in the Northside Hub's mission of achieving carbon neutrality. The lot will also have electric vehicle chargers when complete.

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