Temperatures are finally beginning to take a turn for the warmer around the Hudson Valley. Sunny, nice days mean more residents than ever are looking for a relaxing outdoor activity.

The Hudson Valley's Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson are some of the most popular options for residents to enjoy on a gorgeous day.



Changes at Poughkeepsie Parking Lot

While heading over to the Walkway Over the Hudson for a run, I found that the area I typically park at was unavailable. It had road work signs and clear construction going on all around it.

The parking area I'm referring to is on the Poughkeepsie side of the Walkway Over the Hudson. It's the public parking area on Parker Avenue where visitors can park for free.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What's Happened at the Parking Lot on Parker Avenue?

According to the Walkway Over the Hudson team, that plot is actually owned by Scenic Hudson. Construction teams for Scenic Hudson are currently using this area while they work on making improvements to the factory across the street.

Where Else Can You Park for Free Near the Walkway Over the Hudson?

Rest assured, there are still plenty of free parking options for those looking to enter the Walkway Over the Hudson from the Poughkeepsie side.

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According to the Walkway Over the Hudson team, free parking is available just down the street at Pulaski Park and on Brookside Avenue between Washington Street and Garden Street.

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We reached out to Scenic Hudson for more information regarding how long this project will take and will keep you posted with any updates.

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