Muppets Now just debuted on Disney+ but did you know a Poughkeepsie College was featured in one of the classic Muppets movies? The opening credits of the classic 1984 release Muppets Take Manhattan began with an overhead view of New York City. The aerial shot then heads north and keeps going all the way to the Hudson Valley.

The unmistakable Vassar College in Poughkeepsie is then shown overhead and is referred to as Danhurst College in the film. The movie opens on Kermit leading a Muppet performance at the Danhurst senior variety show for 'one night only'.

Kermit and friends have decided to take the show from their sleepy college town into the big city. When they get to New York City they struggle to find their footing and have to figure out a way to finance their production. Ultimately they go their separate ways when things don't work out initially but in the end, after many trials and tribulations, the show is a huge success.

The Muppets were created by the legendary Jim Henson who tragically passed away in May of 1990. The film was directed by Frank Oz, an accomplished puppeteer who's notable characters have included Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, and others. Oz has a long resume but his most famous other character would have to be Yoda from the Star Wars franchise.

Muppets take Manhattan is also notable in that the Muppet Babies were introduced which led to a long-running animated series on CBS. The new Muppets Now series just debuted on July 31 on Disney+.

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