Some pot smokers are warning people about tainted weed that's been rumored to be going around. Should you be concerned?

The sale of recreational marijuana is still illegal in New York, but that hasn't stopped millions of residents from lighting up. But because there is no oversight or regulations in place for the sale of pot, users have no way to be sure that what they're smoking isn't tainted or dangerous.

When something is wrong with government regulated items, like romaine lettuce, the public will receive warnings and stores will be forced to remove potentially dangerous products from the shelves. But when a substance like marijuana may be tainted with deadly chemicals, users may not find out until its too late.

Rumors on Twitter have been circulating this week about weed being sold in the Rhinebeck area laced with Fentanyl. Warnings from residents were posted online and retweeted by others who were concerned with the possibility of dangerous pot being distributed in the area.

One of the tweets seemed to originate from a user by the name of Heady Ruxpin who wrote about the rumor on Tuesday:

When asked for further clarification, the original poster said that the warning came from an unverified source, but he believed the information was urgent enough to get out to the public, reminding everyone to stay safe.

We called the Village of Rhinebeck Police to find out if they had heard anything about tainted marijuana being sold in the area and they told us that they were unaware of any incidents involving weed laced with other substances.

While it still may just be a rumor at this point, this is another example of why many people believe marijuana sales should be legalized in New York. Oversight and quality control would protect users against receiving products that could potentially kill them. If you do decide to light up, this is also a great reminder to always be aware of where your supply really comes from.