I live pretty far from Monroe in Orange County these days, but sometimes I wish I lived closer. Mostly because one of my favorite and most fun restaurants happens to be in Monroe. I’ve been going to The Captain’s Table in Monroe for years. Actually, decades. This weekend The Captain’s Table celebrates 50 years of serving Orange County and beyond. Great food, live music, fun times at the bar. That’;s what keeps everyone coming back.

This is one of my favorite Captain's Table stories. I’ll never forget the time years ago my boyfriend had an outside gig at The Captain’s Table. We were on our way there when we got caught in a horrendous rain storm in the Washingtonville area. You couldn’t even see the road. We pulled over and called Ray, the owner of The Captain's Table. He said as soon as it was safe, keep coming because it never rains at The Captain’s Table. And damn if it wasn’t sunny as all get out when we got there. It turned out to be a beautiful evening.

I’ll never forget the good times we had at the outdoor bar in the warm weather, and they always have a sandy “beach” for the kids to play at while parents dine. And it’s easy to keep your eye on them the whole time. Not to mention awesome food, whether you want a snack, a sandwich, or a fancy dinner. Yup, I totally get why they’ve been so popular for so long.

The Captain’s Table is at 547 Route 17M in Monroe and is having an official celebration this Sunday with the Mighty Spectrum Band. Reservations are suggested, and you check out The Captain’s Table website for more info. If you can’t get there this weekend, I still recommend a visit in the near future. Congratulations to The Captain’s Table, and thanks for all the good times!

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